Legal form

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE NIKOLA TESLA JOINT STOCK COMPANY BELGRADE is an accredited research and development institute registered to carry out scientific research activities in the technical and technological sciences field - electrical engineering. It is a member of the University of Belgrade and the Association of Institutes of Serbia. The Institute is in the Register of Scientific Research Organizations at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

The Institute is organized in the legal form of a joint stock company. The Republic of Serbia owns 98% of the capital (shares).

The Institute was founded in 1936 with the blessing of Nikola Tesla, and the tendency to be a living temple of science and an eternal monument to Tesla's great work. The Institute is profiled both as a scientific research organization with a high degree of competence in electrical engineering (power engineering) and as a company representing a highly positioned partner in its field on the domestic and international markets.

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