Activities of the Center for power systems

  1. Study research in the field of distribution and transmission system
    1. Planning of network development - creation of master plans
    2. Studies on the development of loss reduction programs
    3. Studies in the field of electricity quality
    4. Aspects of connecting RES to the grid
    5. Harmonization of the operation of the distribution system with the Network rules
  2. Drafting of strategic documents in the field of energy
    1. Development of energy development strategy
    2. Creation of detailed programs for the implementation of the strategy and development scenarios
    3. Security of supply reports
    4. Drafting of planning and legal acts in the field of energy
  3. Consulting services in the field of static and dynamic analyses
    1. Study analyzes of static conditions
      1. Power flows
      2. Short circuits
      3. Security analysis
      4. Reactive power compensation analyzes and resource management
      5. Loss calculations
    2. Study analyzes of dynamic states
      1. Modeling of dynamic network elements
      2. Analyzes of transient stability
      3. Analysis of stability to small disturbances
  4. Renewable energy
    1. Analysis of all aspects of connection to the distribution network
    2. Analysis of all aspects of connection to the transmission network
    3. Tests for compliance with Network Rules
    4. Drafting of planning documents and instructions regarding the connection of RES
  5. Industrial energy
    1. Improving the performance of industrial drives with the help of reactive power compensation (SVS, STATCOM)
    2. Aspects of electricity quality
    3. Dynamic analyzes of network connection (of industrial furnaces)
    4. Elaboration of relay protection settings
    5. Arc Flash studies
    6. Analysis of plant expansion possibilities
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  • ISO