Laboratory for testing of turbine governing systems

Contact: Jelena Pavlovic


We have been providing testing services for hydro and thermal power plant turbine governing systems for over than 50 years. Initially, the testing services for turbine governing systems were provided within the national power company, but over time, the provision of testing services expanded to the neighboring power companies.

During the decades of operation, there has been continuous improvement of staff, existing procedures, introduction of new testing procedures, and constant expansion of the set of testing and measurement equipment used. The group of co-workers involved in turbine governing system testing has been organized over time into a specialized laboratory for testing of turbine governing systems. The laboratory is accredited by the national Accreditation Body (ATS) in accordance with the requirements of IEC 17025:2017. The laboratory also has a long and successful cooperation with the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, which is recognized through the continuous membership of laboratory staff in the technical committee N004 - Hydraulic turbines

Respecting its long tradition, the laboratory strives to preserve and improve the scope and quality of its services.

Main activity

Testing of turbine governing systems during the commissioning of new and revitalized power units.

Testing in order to confirm the parameters and characteristics of turbine governing systems - Guarantee testing.

Testing to determine the operational status of turbine governing systems.

All testing procedures are developed in accordance with national and international technical standards, the IEC/SRPS EN 60308 standard for testing, and IEC/SRPS EN 61362 guide to specification of hydraulic turbine governing systems.

Scope of testing:

- Servomotor(s) opening and closing time measurement. Servomotor(s) cushioning time measurement.

- Determination of the time constant of the servo positioner

- Determination of the servo positioner inaccuracy

- Measurement of turbine governing frequency insensitivity

- Testing of frequency dead band functionality

- Determination of the speed droop graph and permanent droop

- Determination of the system dead time

- Determination of the PID controller parameters

- Determination of the command signal setting times

- Determination of the speed command signal range

- Testing of the governing system functionality in normal and emergency operating conditions

- Testing of the governing system functionality during start-up and synchronization of the unit

- Testing of the governing system functionality during the sudden load rejection

- Testing of the governing system functionality in primary frequency control

- Testing of Cam-curves for Kaplan turbines

- Testing of the rotational speed control accuracy and stability while unit is in the idle run (no-load test)

- Testing of the power control accuracy and stability while unit is on the grid

  • ATS
  • ISO