Scientific council

The scientific council of the Nikola Tesla Institute of Electrical Engineering a.d. is dedicated to the scientific development of the Institute's associates, the development of scientific teams and strengthening the Institute's scientific position and quality..

 The duties of the Scientific Council are to:

1) proposes a program of scientific research work, aligned with the Strategy;

2) gives an opinion on the director's reports in the part related to implementation scientific research programs and projects;

3) determines the proposal for acquiring a scientific title;

4) decides on the acquisition of a research title;

5) gives an opinion to the shareholders assembly about candidates for the director of the institute, as well as an opinion on the dismissal of the director of the institute;

6) makes a reasoned proposal for the appointment or dismissal of its representatives in the assembly of the institute;

7) proposes the procurement of scientific research equipment;

8) performs other duties determined by the statute of the institute and law.

Composition of the Scientific Council:

1.    dr Dragan Kovačević, Principal Research Fellow

2.    dr Saša Milić, Principal Research Fellow

Z.    dr Žarko Janda,  Senior Research Associate, president of the Scientific council

4.    dr Vladimir Vukić,  Senior Research Associate

5.    dr Đorđe Stojić, Senior Research Associate

6.   dr Jasna Dragosavac,  Research Associate, vice president of the Scientific council

7.   dr Vojin Kostić, Research Associate

8.   dr Jelena Lukić,  Research Associate

9.   dr Nenad Kartalović,  Research Associate

10.  dr Dragana Naumović Vuković, Research Associate

11.  dr Aleksandar Žigić, Research Associate

12.  dr Maja Grbić,  Research Associate

13.  dr Valentina Vasović, Research Associate.

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