With pleasure, we share the news of the successful completion of a long-term project for the removal of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in Serbia, "Full-sized Project to Implement an Environmentally Sound Management and Final Disposal of PCBs in the Republic of Serbia," UNIDO Project ID: 100313 and GEF ID: 4877.

Over the past nine years, EEINT has participated in various phases of the project:

  • We organized training sessions for oil sampling from electrical equipment and the use of test kits for PCB content analysis for 80 participants from 15 companies.
  • We analyzed over 1000 samples of transformer oil from the non-energy sector for PCB content.
  • Using a mobile plant and employing patented oil-processing technology, along with the engagement of a large number of experts from different fields as part of a consortium, we decontaminated approximately 620 tons of equipment at locations such as HBIS, HIP Azotara, HIP Petrohemija, Galenika, etc.

At the final assembly held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the project was assessed as "Highly Satisfactory" and the Institute received praise for the exceptionally successful implementation, confirming the high level of expertise and dedication we brought to the project. This success represents a crucial step towards preserving the environment and the health of our community, simultaneously demonstrating the strength of collaboration across different sectors.

With full enthusiasm, we continue onward. Our team of experts is dedicated to exploring the potential and opportunities offered at the global level. We are confident that this vision will bring not only new challenges but also abundant opportunities for the growth, development, and long-term sustainability of our business.

We sincerely thank all participants who contributed to the project's realization with their knowledge and skills. We express gratitude to partners and companies throughout Serbia. Special thanks to our colleagues, team members, and everyone who made extra efforts to ensure the success of this project. Your responsibility, knowledge, and work ethic have inspired us all and contributed to us being a united team. Your support was crucial, and for that, we sincerely thank you for your valuable contribution.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

More information is also available on the website


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