The site acceptance tests of revitalized units in HPP "Đerdap 1"

During October and November, associates of the Nikola Tesla Institute of Electrical Engineering performed site acceptance tests of the last revitalized unit A3 in HPP "Đerdap 1". Site acceptance tests of the unit are tests during which it is checked whether the assembly of the unit was done correctly and whether the unit together with its auxiliary equipment is ready for future exploitation. The Nikola Tesla Institute of Electrical Engineering managed the site acceptance tests of all 6 revitalized units in HPP "Đerdap 1", in the period from 2011 to 2023, during which the following tests were performed:

  • Testing of the insulation system of the main and auxiliary generator,
  • Generator characteristics determination: popen circuit characteristic, sustained three phase short circuit characteristic, regulation curves,
  • Generator parameters determination: sudden three phase short circuit test and voltage recovery test, ohmic resistance of stator and rotor winding,
  • Load rejection test,
  • Electrical braking,
  • Measurement of the unit vibration level,
  • Excitation system testing,
  • Testing of the electrical protections etc.

The performed tests proved the high quality of the performed works and the achievement of the designed technical-technological parameters and characteristics of the revitalized units. The rated active power of each unit was increased from 171 MW to 190 MW, the lifespan was extended and reliability was increased.


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